Blood on the Page publication delayed

The release date of BLOOD ON THE PAGE has been delayed while we wait for the outcome of the Court of Appeal. 

The hearing was held in mid-July, but the decision as to whether Wang Yam's original verdict was safe or unsafe has yet to be handed down.

Once the court announces the decision, a new publication date will be announced, hopefully this Autumn.

More soon...

Blood on the Page publication date announced

PRH has announced BLOOD ON THE PAGE will be published on 31 August 2017. Pre-orders available now on Amazon

In June 2006, police were called to number 9 Downshire Hill in Hampstead to investigate reports of unusual card activity. The owner of the house, Allan Chappelow, was an award-winning photographer and biographer, an expert on George Bernard Shaw, and a notorious recluse, who had not been seen for several weeks. Someone had recently accessed his bank accounts, and attempted to withdraw large amounts of money. Inside the darkened house officers found piles of rubbish, trees growing through the floor, and, in what was once the living room, the body of Chappelow, battered to death, partially burned and buried under four feet of paper.

The man eventually convicted of his murder was a Chinese dissident named Wang Yam: a man who claimed to be the grandson of one of Mao’s closest aides, and a key negotiator in the Tiananmen Square protests. His trial was the first in modern British history to be held ‘in camera’: closed, carefully controlled, secret. Wang Yam has always protested his innocence. 

Thomas Harding has spent the past two years investigating the case, interviewing key witnesses, the investigating officers, forensic experts, and the journalists who broke the story, and has unearthed shocking and revelatory new material on the killing, the victim and the supposed perpetrator. It is a story that has been described in the press and by the leading detective as 'the
greatest whodunnit’ of recent years: an extraordinary tale of isolation, deception, espionage and brutal violence, stretching from the quiet streets of north London to the Palace of Westminster and beyond. It is an explosive new work of non-fiction from an author working at the height of his powers.

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Picador to publish THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE on 5 July

Picador to publish THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE on 5 July 2016

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Picador (July 5, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1250065062
  • ISBN-13: 978-1250065063
  • Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 1.5 x 9.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds

German federal government supports The House By The Lake

On the day that it was announced that the UK was leaving the EU, the German federal government declared that they will be contributing 240,000 euros towards the renovation of the lake house, which will help transform it into a centre for reconciliation and education. 

So at a time that the UK is pulling away from the EU, the German government is helping to bring europeans together. 

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Bookshop tour 2016

It was my great pleasure to spend a day touring some of London's best booksellers, accompanied by the extraordinary Tom Avery, senior editor at William Heinemann publishers. Here are a few of the tweets from the day.


Off to Printer...

THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE is being printed today (today!) in Clays, the giant printing works in Bungay. Can't wait to see a copy ....


The House By The Lake almost ready to be sent to printer. Just a couple of weeks away now. Index done (check), Maps done (check), Illustrations done - yes there are hand-drawn illustrations! (check)... oh yes, and text done (check!). 

It's all very exciting!


Conville & Walsh literary agency are delighted to announce that Thomas Harding has won the prestigious JQ-Wingate Literary Prize for his book Hanns and Rudolf: The German Jew and the Hunt for the Kommandant of Auschwitz.In a rare departure from the norm, Thomas shares this year’s prize with Michel Laub who also won with his novel Diary of the Fall. The winners were announced last night at the winner’s event at the Jewish Community Centre London JW3 where both authors received a £2,000 split prize.

Harding, on accepting his award, said “Over the course of the six years of writing Hanns and Rudolf there were many moments in which I believed that the book would never be published. To be recognised by the judges of the Wingate Prize is that much more extraordinary. It is humbling.” Harding’s tale is a story of 2 opposing but parallel lives: his great uncle Hanns, a German Jewish Nazi hunter, and Rudolf Höss, commandant of Auschwitz.

Hanns and Rudolf reveals the untold story of Hanns Alexander, the man who brought a mastermind of the final solution to justice – it reveals, for the very first time, the full, riveting account of Rudolf Höss’s capture, an encounter with repercussions that echo to this day. Moving from the Middle Eastern campaigns of the First World War to bohemian Berlin in the 1920s to the horror of the concentration camps and the trials in Belsen and Nuremberg, it tells the story of two German men- one Jewish, one Catholic- whose lives diverged, and intersected, in an astonishing way.

The JQ-Wingate Literary Prize was established in 1977. The prize of £4000 is awarded annually to the best book to translate the idea of Jewishness to the general reader.

It is the only award in the UK to recognise writing by Jewish and non-Jewish writers that explore themes of Jewish concern in any of its myriad possible forms.