So I am deep into the editing of the book. My English language editors - Thomas in America, Janie in Canada, Tom in England - are amazing. And yes there are a lot of Thomases. We have decided to call each other by our initials, and Janie is now an honorary Thomas. 

Right now we are talking about how the cover should look. The blurb on the back and the strap line or subtitle for the front. We are thinking something like 'The incredible story of how a German Jew tracked down the Kommandant of Auschwitz', will be interesting to see how it turns out.

With only a few weeks till the final ms goes out to the type setter and I'm getting excited, though it's crazy how long a lead time you need to get the book out  - after all it is not coming out for 10 months! Being my first mainstream book - I have published a couple of small titles when i was younger, and angrier - I am really interested to see how the process works, and how it differs between the various publishers.