Auschwitz Trial 65 years ago....

65 years ago today, Auschwitz Trial started in Krakow, Poland

Of the 7,000+ officers and guards who worked at the camp, only 63 faced court trial. Of these, 24 were hung, including Rudolf Höss.

Others to face trial at the first Auschwitz Trial were Maria Mandel (head of women's camp until Elizabeth Volkenrath took over) and Arthur Liebehenschel, the Kommandant who briefly took over the command of Auschwitz I after Höss left in 1943. 


A second Auschwitz Trial was held in 1963 in Frankfurt, Rudolf Höss' wife Hedwig made a brief appearance at this trial.

Richard Baer, the final Auschwitz Kommandant, was arrested in 1960 to appear before this trial (amazingly he had evaded arrest since 1945), but he died in custody before the trial started.

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