Lost letter trove found

Amazing! I got a call from my cousin Cookie - grandmother's brother's daughter, known as Marion, but everyone in the family calls her Cookie - and she says, 'Thomas i know you are writing this book, well, I went into the attic and found two boxes of letters, would you like to see them?'

Would I like to see them? 

So now I have these two boxes, filled with over 200 letters written during the Second World War, by Hanns and his brother Paul to his parents.  How brilliant that these have been protected all these years. 

The crown jewel is the letter written by Paul on the day after the arrest of Rudolf Höss. This not only confirms the story that Hanns, a German Jew, captured this most awful of mass murderers,  but also provides details, and colour, that I didn't have before.

What a terrific gift. Thanks Cookie!