US and Canada book tour comes to an end

Wow! That was quite  journey.

17 Days away from home. Nine cities. Eleven events. Eight interviews (some of which I have posted to the Video and Audio page). A lot of travelling, many miles traversed. All in all, a very rewarding experience. 

It was so interesting getting to hear from people in cities from Detroit to Atlanta, Brooklyn to Montreal, Shepherstown West Virginia to London Ontario. There is something both humbling and exciting to hear directly from audiences. Humbling, because many of those who spoke were holocaust survivors, generously sharing their personal stories. Exciting, to hear people's thoughts on the book, the themes that it raises, the greater issues surrounding the human experience which can be quickly jumped to from the story and the characters involved. Most of all it was thrilling to see people caught up in the story itself. Tapping away at my computer all those years I never imagined such a thing. 


A mighty 'thank you', therefore, to all those who hosted me, organised the events, arranged the intricate logistics (trains, taxis, planes, hotels, meals, lifts from private individuals, even a Greyhound bus). It was a blast, a brilliant experience. I learned so much, enjoyed many terrific conversations, was privileged to meet some incredible people, a true honour. 


And while I am headed home and, believe me, I am looking forward to it, I am looking forward to another book tour in the not too distant future.