Seven days to go

So after seven years of research, the day is finally approaching. The book will be available via Kindle on August 19,  in UK stores on August 22, and US and Canadian stores on September 3.

 The Italians plan to released their books around the same time. I will post the publication dates of the countries as soon as they are announce.d 

As the launch day near I've been writing feature articles and op-ed pieces. I spent this week writing a magazine story for the Washington Post (pub date Sep 8), a blog for the Daily Beast, and an op-ed piece for the Huffington Post. The Sunday Times plans to run an extract of the book on Aug 18. The Guardian Family plans to run a feature at the end of August.

 It's been really interesting seeing how the media in various countries have reacted to the book. 

As soon as the articles are published I will post to this site for easy access.